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Plantation Shutters are without a doubt the most desirable window covering. They can be made to fit almost any type of window, and are very suitable for almost any type of window (see Suitable Areas for Use).

Choosing your Plantation Shutters might seem like a headache because there are so many types made from so many different material available, but don't panic! 

We are Plantation Shutter experts and have supplied and installed shutters for over 10 years now. Allow us to guide you when choosing your wooden shutters, and we promise to make it very simple.

  • Bay Windows - Shutters for bay windows is a great idea! Shutters hold heat very well, and are perfect for large difficult to insulate windows.
  • Bedrooms - Shutters provide a near blackout effect. Once the shutter is closed, you'll still be able to see around the room, but you'll have no direct light bothering you. For a full blackout, you can opt to install a special set of pleated blinds at the back of the shutter.
  • Lounge
  • Sliding Patio Doors -  Suitable, but a sliding track system will prbably be necessary to carry the extra weight.  
  • French Doors - Yes, but there are a few issues to be aware of, let us advise you.
  • Study - Great for blocking glare and heat!
  • Kitchen - Best fitted close to the window, leaving as much of the sill space as usable as possible. Watch out for taps!
  • Bathroom - our Wetroom Plus product will be perfect in your bathroom!
  • Dining Room 
  • Utility Room - Yes, but not suitable for inward opening doors
  • Dormer / Loft windows - Perfect!
  • Juliet balcony doors - It can be done... speak to us.

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Value Wood

This is an entry level Plantation Shutter product, aimed at those with a small budget. Essentially, the shutter is constructed of LDF which is a lower density type of MDF, and used to allow sharper cuts during the manufacturing process.

Value Wood shutters are available in a limited range of colours and installation frames, however, their main limitation is based on the maximum sizes that can be manufactured.

The Value Wood Plantation Shutter is not spray painted, but in fact coated with a polypropylene plastic paint, which is very durable but when compared to a spray painted shutter (see below) has a lesser quality of finish. From a distance however, the look is very much the same as any other painted shutter.

Value Wood Shutters >>

Value Wood


This wooden shutter is a mix of LDF frames (used in the value wood product) and LDF panel structure. However, the louvres are made from an ABS plastic which reduces the weight of the shutter, and allows for larger shutters to be manufactured. 

The paint finish is a sprayed cellulose, which offers a superior finish to Value Wood LDF shutters. A huge range of colours are available at no extra cost when this product is chosen.

The Hybrid Shutter, in our option, offers excellent value for money when standard windows are to be covered.

Hybrid Shutters >>


Hybrid Plus

Our Hybrid Plus plantation shutter is the best option when a simple painted finish is required. The entire panel (including louvres) is constructed from laminated hardwood, and the frame is constructed from LDF (helping to reduce the cost).


The wooden shutter is spray painted, to give the best possible smoothest finish. Panels are lightweight and so up to 3 panels can be joined together from one hinge set.

Hybrid Plus Shutters >>

Hybrid Plus


This Plantation Shutter product is as the name suggest constructed completely from hardwood. It is the premium product for a painted wooden shutter, and as such is available in a huge range of colours (including many Farrow & Ball paint matches).

The shutter is spray painted for the best finish, and the range of installation frames available is extensive. The price is slightly higher than the Hybrid Plus shutter, but for those with a bigger budget and a requirement for a completely wooden product, this is the one to choose.

Hardwood Shutters >>


Hardwood Plus

A Teak Plantation Shutter. Constructed from single piece White Teak, this wooden shutter is perfect for stained finishes, since the wood grain is consistent and quite simply beautiful.

Being constructed from White teak, the shutter is string and durable, and not damaged easily by accident. Of course, the price is a little higher than the other products, but you must consider that with Plantation Shutters you are buying a piece of furniture rather than a window covering.

Hardwood Plus Shutters >>

Hardwood Plus

Wet Room

Wet Room shutters are ideal for installations into damp or moist condition rooms such as bathrooms, since the construction is from a wood and ABS plastic mix. The coating is durable and tough, and spray painted for the best finish.

Wet Room Shutters are sold only with stainless steel hinges to eliminate the possibility of rust and corrosion. 5 standard colours are available.

Wet Room Shutters >>

Wet Room


Phoenix Plantation Shutters are constructed from Paulownia wood, a fast growing vine that is lightweight and structurally robust.
The grain is wide and deep, and when stained looks very pleasing indeed.

The Phoenix Shutter can be painted in a solid colour, or stained to one of many standard colours. This shutter is particularly suitable for large installations or Tier-on-Tier installations where weight is a concern.

Phoenix Wood Shutters >>


Free! Temporary Blinds when you order Plantation Shutters!

Don't worry about being in a goldfish bowl whist you wait for your shutters... we provide all our shutter customers with temporary blinds totally free of charge!

We'll even remove them for you when we come to install your beautiful wooden shuters

Plantation Shutters Fully Fitted

Plantation shutters are without a doubt one of the most desirable products available.They are perfect for reducing the light, deflecting the light, reducing the heat and keeping in the heat. Basically, a wooden plantation shutter is a great all rounder that really is more than a window covering, it's a piece of furniture.

London Blind Company offer a fabulous range of Plantation Shutters for installation or supply only.

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