T-Posts - an explaination

Take a look at the photos below. The first photo is of a typical window style with 4 sections, and opening windows at each end. You can see from photo 3 (the one with the open panels), that access is made easy by using the T-Posts to create a 'break' allowing each panel in the shutter to be hinged independently.

In addition to easy opening, T-Posts reduce the wear and tear on hinges and the frames, since a single panel carries half the weight of two bi-folded panels.

Many customers ask if there's a noticeable difference in how the shutter looks when it has T-Posts. A T-Post only adds another 25mm to the visible frame at the point of each T-Post, so actually, it doesn't really look so different.

Plantations Shutters with T-Posts

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T-Posts for Wooden Shutters

Sometimes we feel it's necessary to add T-Posts (vertical posts) into the shutter configuration. It allows easy access to windows and reduces wear and tear on your shutters. 

We've created this page because customers often ask us about whether the use of T-Posts will affect the look of the shutter.