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Wooden Shutters General Information

AKA: Plantation Shutters, Wooden Shutters or Interior Window Shutters

The very pinnacle of contemporary style, Interior Window Shutters are today's iconic interior design feature. There is simply no better technique for window dressing to suit the modern passion for clean, bright interiors. And Plantation Shutters are versatile too, suiting all kinds of decor.

Different materials, mouldings, shapes and colours allow Wooden Window Shutters to become practical and integral design statements, whatever your theme and whatever room you are working in. Tall rooms in Georgian or Edwardian homes look absolutely stunning when dressed with Wooden Shutters. Cottages with period features are enormously enhanced both by the Wooden Shutters themselves, but also by the easy way in which Wooden Shutters allow you to adjust the ambience by giving you total control of the natural light in a room.

Rooms in modern homes can be dressed up or down according to your design preferences. See our section on ‘Colours’ below for more info.

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Choose light wood or white vinyl to enhance that very modern atmosphere, or go darker to build romantic, cosier settings. Plantation Shutters are also the most practical window dressing for so many rooms; bathrooms, kitchens, and family rooms. Best of all, shutters are no longer the preserve of the wealthy. Our prices really do make shutters available to everyone, and when you explore the value of shutters in the longer term, these beautiful shutters also make a great deal of sense.


Shutter Shapes

All of our Wooden Shutter products are manufactured to exacting standards, using only the finest raw materials and polymers. We are able to make them in a huge variety of colours and finishes. Unlike curtains, blinds or voiles, Wooden Plantation Shutters can be engineered to perfectly fit almost any shape of window: arches, portholes, patio doors, French windows, corner apertures; windows of every shape and size. They can be manufactured to the full window height or mounted tier-on-tier to create frames within frames. Or, with particularly tall windows, or windows surmounted with stained glass panes, choose cafe style to leave the uppermost glazing exposed. In short, shutters are, in many instances, the most versatile as well as being the most attractive option.

Shutter Shapes


Shutter Styles

The following main styles are available:

  • Cafe Style
    • The shutters are fitted to the lower section of a window only, leaving the top of the window exposed to allow light a visibility.
  • Full Height
    • The shutters are fitted to the full height of the window. Sometimes, mid-rails are fitted to the shutter panels to provide individual opening of the upper and lower sections of louvres. This is the most popular style.
  • Tier-on-Tier
    • With tier-on-tier, a break is positioned somewhere around the centre of the overall height of the shutter panel, and effectively to get an upper tier of panels, and a lower tier of panels which are able to open independantly of each other.


Shutter Colours

Our Plantation Shutters are available in a wide range of standard colours and standard stained finishes. We can also colour match to any Dulux colour paint, and if that's not enough choice, we can even match any colour if you give us a sample!

Most Plantation Shutters are made in white, because they reflect the light beautifully and create an airy feel in any room.

If your room is quite dark, then white is certainly the colour you need to lift the mood.


Shutter Benefits

Adding Value

Not only do Plantation Shutters look great, but they add real value to your property. Homes with Wooden Shutters are easier to sell (buyers adore them) and, as fixtures and fittings, they can be factored into the value of your home when you come to sell. Interior Window Shutters are so universally appealing, the issue of personal taste - so common with curtains - is far less of a concern.

Excellent Dimout Effect

Shutters offer an excellent amount of light reduction when fully closed. They are very effective in bedrooms and lounges where the ultimate control of light is often needed. When fitted in conjunction with our new blackout screen, you can acheive a 99.9% blackout in your room. (see Blackout Blinds for more details)

Enhanced Privacy

If you love daylight, but prefer not to offer your neighbours a view of your room, Interior Window Shutters are the ideal solution. Shutters are adjustable to allow exactly the right amount of light into your room, without you ever feeling exposed.


With Plantation Shutters, you choose how to light your room. Deflect light down or up by moving the louvres. Shut light out completely or allow it to stream in. Open one frame, but close the others. Only Made-to-measure Window Shutters give you this many options to fine tune your room's natural lighting.

Easy To Clean

Made-to-Measure Shutters can be dusted just as you would a table top. Once a year, give them a wash with warm soapy water to keep your Shutters in pristine condition.


Choose your Wooden Shutter style carefully; once they're installed you should expect them to last a minimum of 50 years! With good care and maintenance, your shutters will remain in place in complete working order and looking magnificent for decades. While curtains will fade and wear rather badly after just 5 years, our products can be considered permanent - which completely reverses the idea that shutters are more expensive than curtains.


Shutter Materials

Our Wooden Shutters and frames are manufactured in a variety of top quality materials, carefully selected to ensure stability. We engineer our shutters with the grain of the timber reversed - this allows the frame to be truly balanced, and avoids the warping or distortion which may be found in shutters manufactured with solid sections. Also, our timber is kiln-dried prior to manufacture.

Each and every Shutter component is hand finished to order and quality checked prior to assembly. This attention to detail continues when we arrive to fit your new Shutters in your home. You will be assured of top-notch quality, a superb and clean installation and the satisfaction of knowing how much care and attention has gone into the manufacture of your shutters.


Shutter Fixing Options

Many years ago, we could only fit Wooden Shutters using one method, a wooden batten and a hinge. This restricted the types of windows that could take Wooden Shutters, and sometimes could look rather crude. Now however, much time and money has been invested into making Plantation Shutters more suitable for every window.

Interior Window Shutters are now framed. By having a perfectly square frame within which to hang the panels, we can now get over such issues as off-level window sills, poor plastering and window handles that protrude out and foul the Shutter louvres.

There are many frames to choose from, and each wood type has it's own slight variations on them.

The Insert L-Frame is normally used for face fixing onto a wall or window frame. It has a removable strip that allows you to insert a screw through the depth of the frame and fix to your wall or window. You then fit the removable strip back into place, and thus hide the screws that you have just fitted!

The L-Frame is normally used for side fixing. You simply make a hold in the sides of the frames, mark off your fixing positions on the wall recess, remove the frame from the recess and drill your holes in the wall. You then use the appropriate wall plugs and screw your frame into the wall. Done!


Shutter Limitations

As with all window coverings, there are some limitations that you should be aware of before making your decision. Here are some of the main things to consider:

  • Planatation Shutters should not be used in very damp locations where there is no ventilation. Wooden Shutters are a natural product, and although pre-dried, will still warp if exposed to extreme humidity. (we are able to supply PVC shutters in white or cream for such areas)
  • There are minimum and maximum sizes to be considered when ordering your Wooden Plantation Shutters. Our website will make you aware of such limitations should you try to order outside of the recommended sizes.
  • A shutter should always be fitted level and square. If you have extremely out-of-square windows (some old listed cottages often have this), then you should consider that some plaining (shaving of the wood) may be necessary.
  • We do not recommend that you fit standard shutters to patio doors where it is your main route through to the garden. Where you have doors that get used very often, it is advisable to install a 'top track system' to the shutter so that it is supported when you are continuously opening and closing it to get into the garden.


Suitable Areas for Use


  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Study
  • Conservatory
  • Conservatory Roof
  • Kitchen
    • If you intend to fit a shutter in front of the sink, you should consider the way the panels will fold open towards you. You must think about obstructions such as taps that may stop the panel doors opening fully, or cupboard corniches that may stop the panel doors opening fully.
  • Bathroom
    • Not suitable where the blind is expected to get wet, or for excessively steamy rooms where there is no extractor fan
  • Dining Room
  • French Patio Doors
    • Not ideal where doors open inwards. You should consider a top track system for wide doors.
  • Room Divider
    • Shutters are excellent as room dividers, but we recommend a top track system to help carry the weight over wide distances.


Which louvre size should I choose?

Whilst louvre width is mainly down to individual preference, it must be noted that wider shutter louvres will allow more light to pass into the room when in the open position.

64mm and 89mm louvres are the most popular.


Should we fit inside or outside the recess?

Assuming that both options are available, there are pros and cons for each method of installation.

Most UK Plantation Shutter installations are inside the recess. This method makes the Plantation Shutter look like more of an integral part of the window, and allows the sills to remain in use. However, it does mean that the shutter doors will only fold open 90 degrees, and will actually point into the room when they're open.  

If fitted to the outside of the recess, or within the recess but at the front of it (eg. with a 'Z' frame), then the shutter panels will have the advantage of being able to be folded back against the wall. The downside with this method is that the sills become virtually redundant.

You may wish to consider which style and how many panels you would like (the next two sections) before making your decision.


Which style should I choose?

Most customers opt for Full Height Wooden Shutters. This gives you a complete window covering, offering privacy, heat and light reduction, heat retention and security from prying eyes. If you would like to be able to get privacy during the daytime, but still angle the light into your room, then you could always order your shutter with a Mid-Rail, which effectively puts a break in the shutter panel, giving you control over the top and bottom sections of your window.

If you order Full Height Wooden Shutters, it is wise to consider having fewer wider panels across the window, since this will alow the most light into the room.

Alternatively, you could order a Tier-On-Tier style shutter, which allows you to fold back the top tier of panels, leaving the bottom tier in place to provide privacy. This style suits tall windows the best, where there is space to fold the panels back to the wall on each side. If you have tier-on-tier, it is often best to order narrow panels, since they will not stick out into the room so much when you open the panel doors.

Cafe Style shutters are normally recommended when you are not so concerned with heat and light, but more about privacy during the day. Often this style is used in conjuction with curtains where the window is overlooked.


How many panels should I have?

The number of panels should be determined by the type and style of the window in question, taking into consideration the position of the vertical glazing bars and whether the panels are required to fold back at 90 or 180 degrees. The maximum width to which an individual panel can be manufactured is often 750mm for frame and batten installation, and 550mm for top-track installations. (this will vary slightly with the type of wood used, and so the relevasnt product infomation should be checked).

Panels wider than the maximum recommended sizes can be made, but only without warranty. Remember that when two panels meet, the combined width of the two stiles can be approx 80mm.

More  panels = more stiles = less light

Many panels, coupled with small louvres will reduce the light even more.


See above for style information that is also relevant to this question.

Did you know that our Shutter page will show you a fully range of our shutters?


Am I likely to move my shutters?

Many customers believe that they will be folding the shutters back and forth every day, at least twice! -but this is not usually the case.

Unless the shutters are being installed purely to look good, and have no functionality, the shutters are not likely to be moved as much as you may think. The louvres are so easy to move, and so effective at providing privacy and light combined, that most customers admit they really only ever fold the panels open to clean the glass. Even when it comes to allowing ventilation, the louvres allow the full flow of air to pass through. 

That said, it's really important to consider how you expect you'll use the shutters, because if you believe you'll fold the panels back daily, then you may wish to consider fitting the shutter to the outside of the recess. If you feel that you'll probably only move the louvres, then an inside recess fixing would probably suit you better.


Do I need a mid-rail?

Mid-rails give rigidity and strength to the panels. The mid-rail is usually placed in the centre of the panel for aesthetic reasons, but can be positioned off centre in order to line up, as closely as manufacturing tolerances will allow, with horizontal glazing bars in the window.

So in answer to the question - Do I need a mid-rail? -the answer is: only if the panel height is over the  recommended maximum height for a panel. This information can be found on the relevant product page.

Our website will warn you if you exceed the recommended size, so don't worry too much. A mid-rail does offer a worthwhile benefit however. It allows independant opeing of the panels above and below it.

For example, a Wooden Shutter in the lounge has a mid-rail half way up the panel. The louvres above the mid-rail usually remain in an open position to allow light to pass into the room, and the louvres below the mid-rail are usually closed to afford the room some privacy during the day.




If you are reading this and just can't get your head around it, leave it to us. You can get a price by inputting your window sizes into our Price Calulator, then either order online, or book a sales appointment.


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