The following information acts as a guide for you to know what to measure when providing sizes for pricing purposes. Don't worry if you're not an expert in measuring, we will take the final sizes for you. This is just good enough to allow us to price blinds or shutters for you.

We can work with millimetres, centimetres or inches.. whatever you are comfortable with .



Measuring Shutters for Bay Windows

Measuring Shutters for Bay windows

When taking approx dimensions for bay windows, You should consider that although the bay window is made of many smaller windows, we will make the shutter as one unit. Therefore, it's easiest to measure the width around the bay at the outer edges.

For the height, measure from the sill to the ceiling, or if the ceiling is a lot higher than the top of the window, then measure just to the top of the any Pvc Strip.



Measuring Shutters or Blinds for Standard Windows

Measuring Blinds and Shutters for Bay windows

When measuring standard windows, it's really simple.. just take the width of the window and the height of the window. If you havea recess, just measure inside the recess. If you don't have a recess, then just measure the window frame with a bit of overlap (say around 5cm each side, and top and bottom)



Measuring Blinds for Bay Windows

Measuring Blinds for Bay windows

Taking sizes for blinds on bay windows is quite straightforward. Just think that every section of the bay will have it's own blind, then measure each section of the bay. Try to measuring into the corners of each bay post rather than the glass size.



Measuring for Perfect Fit Blinds

Measuring PerfectFit Blinds

The perfect fit system is designed to fit each pane of glass. Therefore, you must measure each pane of glass and consider that there will be one blind per pane. You just need the width x height.


Getting a price for blinds or shutters

Getting a price for blinds or shutters couldn't be simpler. All we ask you to do is take a width and height of the windows you want to cover. That will give us all we need to create a price for you. 

Generally speaking, so long as your sizes aren't massively out, the price we quote is the price you'll pay. We'll be sure to pass the savings we make (by not having to send a salesperson out to you) onto to you.

Use our contact form to send us your details and sizes.