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About Our Deluxe Wooden Venetian Blinds


Our Deluxe Wooden Blind is by far the best wooden blind available in our extensive range.

This blind is custom made to suit the size of your window, unlike other wooden blinds which are trimmed to suit the size of your window. As a result, we can ensure that the distance from the edge of the slat to the ladder braid positions are consistent across all blinds. This is especially desirable where you have multiple windows close to each other and of a different size. 

The wood is lightweight and stable, providing a finish that is noticeably different to other wooden blinds.

The privacy feature of this blind helps to eliminate direct light when the blinds are closed, and provide a tighter closure of slats. 

Visit our showroom to see the difference for yourself!

Privacy Features

Unique to the market, our Deluxe Wooden Venetian Blind range has a patent pending system for securing the slat to the cord. 

  • No large punched holes in the slats, thus reducing light and bleed, and increasing privacy
  • This wooden blind has the tightest slat closure on the market. This is because there are no large thick cords running through the slats which stop the blind from closing to it's full potential

Functional Features

  • Advanced cord lock mechanism for long term heavy duty use
  • A single headrail can hold multiple blind to ensure all cords can be consolidated at one end of the blind
  • Trapezoid bottom rail eliminates rocking and damage to your window sills
  • Lightweight slats for reduced friction on cords and mechanisms
  • Tilter mechanisms are sealed units to eliminate dust entry over the long term
  • Window spans of up to 3mts wide can be covered with a single blind (2438mm maximum for stained finishes)
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain

Deluxe Choice

  • Available with standard ladder strings, wide cloth tapes or Decorative cloth tapes 
  • 50mm and 64mm slat choices
  • 14 paint and 19 stained colours (which match to our plantation shutters range!)
  • 38 plain and decorative cloth tapes
  • Steel headrails with a choice of 6 colours
  • High quality, matching wooden valances, in a choice of 6 styles
  • Choice of 4 toggle designs

Deluxe Wooden Venetian Blind Summary

Pure Deluxe Wooden Venetian Blinds are our highest quality wooden blind offering. Simply better than anything else on the market, and at a reasonable cost, you should alway choose to install this Wooden Venetian Blind over any other should your budget allow.

The special privacy hole system gives a reduced light intake and allows for a tighter closure of slat. Visit our showroom and take a closer look at what makes this blind different to other wooden venetian blinds.


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