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What's Changed?

The standard affecting internal window blinds has been significantly revised in relation to child safety requirements and mandates:

  • Limitations on cord and chain lengths
  • Safety devices for preventing cords and chains from creating a hazardous loop
  • The fitting of safety devices on cords and chains at the point of manufacture
  • The testing of all safety critical components of internal window blinds
  • The testing of complete blinds using safety devices
  • Safety warnings and product instructions

The standards are applicable to all homes, all public buildings and any other premises where babies and young children aged 0 - 42 months are likely to have access or be present.

London Blind Company is an active member of the BBSA, and has supported the Child Safety project since it's inception many years ago.

We are committed to making sure no child is injured because of blinds or blind cords.

Every blind which is designed, made, supplied, imported, sold or installed to internal windows must meet the new standards!

Click here for a quick link the the BBSA Make It Safe website which carries extensive details about the ongoing campagin to make homeowners aware of dangers associated with blind cords.

Every blind sold by London Blind Company is child safe.

Blind Cord Safety Video

Get an overview of blind cord safet. New products and ideas are being developed all the time so be sure to ask us about the best way to apply child safety to your blinds.

Making Existing Blinds Safer

Find out what you can do to make existing blinds safer. We are happy to supply child safety devices for all our customers free of charge, even if your blinds were not bought recently.