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Vertical blinds have so much to offer.  Not only can they provide heat reflection, privacy, glare reduction, and dim-out effects, but they look fantastic too, with 1000’s of new and exciting fabrics to choose from. Gone are the days when vertical blind fabrics where aimed just at the office environment.  There are entire collections now devoted to vertical blinds for the home.

All vertical blinds have louvres that turn a full 180 degrees, offering total privacy if required (at night time), or partial privacy during the day. All louvres can be draw back to one side to open the window space completely, alternatively, you can 'split-draw' them from the middle of the blind (much like a pair of curtains), and have half the louvres stacked to the left and half to the right.

  • Bay Windows - can be curved around the bay or we can make one blind for each section of the bay
  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Study
  • Conservatory - usually projected forward on special brackets to clear the window handles.
  • Kitchen - please consider that you will lose your window sill space.
  • Bathroom - waterproof fabrics are available.
  • Dining Room
  • Utility Rooms
  • Loft / Dormer Windows
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • French Doors
  • Outward Opening Doors

We can make Vertical blinds child safe in a number of ways:

  • The simplest way is to order your blind with a wand control. The wand control eliminates the need for any cords at all.
  • We can install a Child Safety Device which fixes the looped cords to the wall or window frame. 
  • Order an electric blind track with remote control, which eliminates all cords.

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Wand Control Vertical Blinds

Wand Control Vertical blinds are the easiest and simplest way to operate a vertical blind. One simply moves the wand left or right to the desired position.

Rotating the louvres is a simple as twisting the wand one way or the other to open or close the louvres. This system is especially good for bay windows where individual tracks are required, since you won't have any cords hanging down at each side of the blind.

Visit the showroom to see one in action... this wand makes operating the blind so simple and easy!

Wand Control Vertical Blinds

Cord Control Vertical Blinds

This is the traditional vertical blind system. One cord controls the sliding left or right of the blind, and the other is a beaded chain that rotates the louvres open or closed.

To operate this type of vertical blind, the user must stand at one side of the window and pull the cords or chain to make the blind move. This is especially useful if you cannot get easy access to the whole of the window, as you only have to stand in one place.

Please note that Child Safety devices must be fitted when we install this product.

Cord Control Vertical Blinds

Electric Vertical Blinds

Electric vertical blinds are becoming more popular as the price or gadgets come down with the invention of efficient manufacture techniques. Our 'Powershade' vertical blind tracking system is a cost effective way to have opening/closing and full rotation of the louvres all operated from a remote control handset.

The track has a power adaptor that will need to be plugged in somewhere, but apart from having to route the cable from the power socket to the blind, there's no more involved in installing the blind.

Electric Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds - Perfect for large windows

Vertical Louvre blinds offer a great way to cover large windows at an affordable cost. With so many fabrics to choose from, you can be sure to find the vertical blind fabric that's perfect for your room.

Gone is the old clique of vertical blinds being for offices. In fact, fabric weavers are heavily focused on producing vertical blind fabrics that are exclusively for the home.

We are proud to tell you that we manufacture our own vertical blinds in house at our Long Lane premises. This means we can offer you any fabric, in any size with any of our optional extras without fuss.

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