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If you're looking for the ultimate blackout effect in your bedroom or nursery (or any room for that matter), then this is the ultimate blackout blind.

Standard dim-out roller blinds fall short as a blackout blind due to one unavoidable issue, which is the light that passes around the edge of the blind. 

There's a Black Out blind to take care of every window type. In it's simplest form, it's a roller blind with a head box, side channels and a bottom channel with excludes the light from edges of the recess. 

We manufacture most of these products in-house, and can offer manual or electric operation. Our domestic model currently only comes with white hardware, but the colour of the fabric can be virtually anything you choose.

If you have a project where colour matched hardware is required, please get in touch and we'll try to help by having the metalwork painted (additional costs apply). 

  • Bay Windows​
    • BlockOut Blinds are only suitable for square bay windows, and some extra installation work is needed to make them fit properly. 
    • Angled bay windows present technical issues that mean maintenance is not possible.
  • Straight Recess Windows
    • We can fit this product into any straight recess window with no issues. The only thing we ask you to consider is that when the blind is fully down, any movement of air (caused by an open window or draughty window) may cause the fabric to come out of the side channels. Whilst it's not a big problem to put the fabric back in, we might suggest you consider a 'zipped' edge fabric if you think it's likely your windows are not as draught excluding as they should be! If you're unsure, speak to us for advice.
  • Overhead Roof Lanterns 
    • We can make gravity defiant blackout blinds for any type of roof / skylight window. 

BlockOut Roller Blinds have two options for making them child safe:

  • A child safety device is fitted to the side channel of the blind, and the control chain loops around the device.
  • Order your BlockOut roller blind with an electric motor installed, eliminating the need for any looped chains for pull cords. We offer this blind with a rechargeable battery or mains powered motor.


Blackout Blind Photos

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Blackout Cassette Blinds for Side Windows

We have a few different options for your side windows, from a simple blackout cassette blind which is perfect for domestic use, right up to a heavy duty commercial 'zip' screen.

The type that we recommend will depend on which room the blind will be used. 

Blackout Cassette blinds for Side windows >>

Blackout Cassette Blinds for Side Windows

Overhead Blackout Blinds

If you have a roof lantern that needs to be light-proofed, then take a look at our overhead blackout blinds options.


Overhead Blackout Roof Blinds >>

Overhead Blackout Blinds

Total Blackout Blinds

Sometimes a standard roller blind just isn't good enough for blocking out the light in a room. Our Total Blackout Blinds come with side channels and an enclosed head box to ensure no light can creep through.

Total blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, cinema rooms and just about any other room where you need to reduce the light significantly.

We offer a full survey and installation service for all our total blackout blinds.