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A Roman blind is actually more of a curtain, because it is made from soft, un-stiffened materials. Most Roman blinds are lined with another soft cloth to give depth and weight to the product, and most can be lined with a blackout fabric to provide a dim-out effect in the room.

Our Roman blinds use the best type of mechanisms which has an 'endless chain' drive, much like a roller blind. This mechanism gives the smoothest operation. This allows the blind to be drawn up or down, and stopped at any intermediate position.

  • Blinds give total privacy when fitted to standard recessed windows.
  • Excellent glare reduction is achieved just by using the standard ecru lining.
  • 80% blackout effect can be achieved by using the blackout lining.
  • Gives a soft curtain feel, but has a sleek operation mechanism for easy operation.
  • Most fabrics can be either dry cleaned or machine washed.

  • Bay Windows
  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Study
  • Conservatory
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom - not ideal in moist areas though.
  • Dining Room
  • Utility Rooms
  • Loft / Dormer Windows
  • French Doors
  • Outward Opening Doors

We can make Venetian blinds safe in the following ways:

  • No chain loop is left longer than 150cm from the floor when the blind is in its fully down position in addition to a Child Safety device will being mounted to the wall or window.
  • For bay windows, we fit a cord cleat on each section of the window.
  • Anti-looping devices are attached to the back of each drive cord (on the back of the blind) to stop the possibility of a loop forming. The small device will 'break-away' from the back of the blind under pressure, and can be clipped back to the blind in the event of a false alarm.

We take child safety very seriously, please see our Child Safety Page for more information.

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Deluxe Roman Blind

100's of fabrics including a great choice of contemporary fabrics that reflect current home interior trends. All of our Roman blinds are made in the same way with a deluxe chain drive mechanism, and a lined fabric as standard.

Blackout linings can be added to most fabrics, and are especially effective in bedrooms.

Deluxe Roman Blind

Roman Blinds Summary

Roman Blinds are the most popular soft furnishing that one can choose for almost any room. With the advent of electric motorisation being perfected, Roman blinds are being installed into almost every room, since motorisation takes the labour out of pulling the blinds up and down.

Watch out for an exclusive range of soft fabrics that are being introduced into our showroom around mid 2015. We will have an excellent range of roman blinds and matching curtains to offer you, along with a great range of poles, accessories and even cushion covers! 

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