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Roller blinds are extremely effective blinds for the reduction of glare, light and heat. They roll-up to provide a clear view of the window space, or drop-down to cover and shade the window completely.

Roller blinds are unobtrusive, cost-effective and very useful for adding colour and style to a room. 

  • Bay Windows
    • Roller Blinds are very suitable for bay windows.
  • Bedroom
    • Blackout fabrics will help provide an 80% blackout effect if there are no other curtains in the windows.
  • Lounge
    • Sliding Patio Doors -  remember that blinds with shaped finishes may take as much as 200mm from the overall height of the recess.  
    • Really good for French Doors. Usually, we would fit the blind to the door itself, so that when the door is opened, the blind goes with it. This means you don't have to pull the blind up every time you want to get out of the door.
  • Study
  • Conservatory
    • Usually fitted to the Pvc frame of the conservatory, and manufactured with a reverse roll (of the front of the roller) to clear the window handles. On opening doors (excluded sliding doors), the blind is usually manufactured with a standard roll (off the back of the roller) so that the fabric goes behind the door handle.
  • Kitchen
    • Best fitted close to the window, leaving as much of the sill space as useable as possible.
  • Bathroom
    • If a blind is going to get damp, then a fabric that is coated for moisture resistance should be chosen. If the blind is going to get wet from shower or bath splashing, then a soft Pvc fabric should be chosen, such as those from the ‘easy wipe’ range.
  • Dining Room
  • Utility Room
    • Inward opening doors Often, we find that utility room doors that open inwards (if inside a recess) do not have a lot of space behind the door when it is fully open. Ideally, you should have a space of 50mm between the door and the recess wall when the door is opened at 90 degrees. IF you do not have this space, then it may mean your door will have restricted opening when the blind is fitted to it. In this case, you may wish to consider fitting a door stop to prevent he blind being damaged if you open the door too far, or take a look at our PERFECT FIT roller blinds, which fit into the beading of the door glass.

Roller blinds can be made child safe in a number of ways:

  • Use a side chain mechanism which has Child Safety breakaway connectors (This is the standard method).
  • Use a side chain mechanism and attach the bottom of the looped chain to the wall or window using a 'Child Safety Device'(See Child Safety Page).
  • Order your roller blind with a spring mechanism instead of a side chain mechanism. Under the current rules, the length of the pull cord cannot be greater than 20cm, so this is not ideal for long drop windows.
  • Order your roller blind with an electric motor installed, eliminating the need for any looped chains for pull cords. 

Roller Blind Photos

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Standard Roller Blinds

Our Standard Roller Blinds are simple in design, stylish and easy to operate. There are 4 tube and mechanisms types, so that we can be sure to make a blind perfectly suited to your window. The blind is simply rolled up or down to achieve the required level of shading for you. We manufacture this made-to-measure blind at our Bexleyheath factory.

Essentially, the roller tube is exposed much like any traditional roller blind tube would be, however, London Blind Company only uses high quality mechanisms from Louvolite, ensuring long term trouble-free usage.

Since we manufacture this product ourselves, we are able to offer you almost any fabric or tube size combination, to suit almost any size window. 

Standard Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds with Headboxes

Our 'Cassetted' Roller Blinds add a a sleek and tidy looking head-box to our standard roller blinds. 

Recently, our customers have shown that they still want the traditional roller style blind to cover their windows, but they want something that looks more 'integrated' into the window itself.

Our head-box range of roller blinds do just that, by encasing the roller tube and mechanism into a beautiful aluminium covering that can even be self-coloured or covered in the fabric of your choice. 

Roller Blinds with Headboxes

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Louvolite Perfect Fit® Roller Blinds are one of the most attractive and innovative window blinds available on the market today. 

The system is unique because the window blind fits neatly into a stylish frame, which moves together with the windows and doors when they are opened and closed giving you the perfect combination of shade and ventilation.

We are pleased to boast that we actually manufacture this product at our Bexleyheath factory, and can make this blind in any fabric from our massive range!

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds allow you to mount two Standard roller blinds onto one set of brackets.

This is perfect when you would like to be able to have one roller blind left in the down position permanently, whilst having the second blind to provide a dimout effect (maybe for a bedroom for example).

 Usually, one of the blind fabrics is a voile or 'screen' material, and one of the blinds is a dim-out (also termed as Blackout, but dont' expect a 100% blackout effect).

Double Roller Blinds

Electric Roller Blinds

We also make Electric Roller Blinds, and can offer all sorts of options such as solar powered motors, battery operated motors and of course 240v mains powered roller blinds.

We are able to connect into any home automation system that you have or be planning, and we can make electric roller blinds up to 5.5mt wide if necessary.

Electric roller blinds are affordable and need not be a hassle to install. 

Electric Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds - Made in House!

We are proud to let you know that we manufacture all of our own roller blinds in house. We can make any size, in any configuration in any colour. We have a fully working factory at our Long Lane premises where we custom build roller blinds.

We can also build motorised electric roller blinds, using high quality motors and controls, and integrating with the latest home automation hardware.