Zip Screen Blind Systems

65mm ZIPPER System


  • Manual draw option available
  • Electric Control option 
  • Blackout Fabric
  • Screen Fabric
  • Translucent Fabric


  • Max Width: 260cm
  • Max Drop: 160cm
  • Manual version requires that the blind is in easy reach

85mm - 200mm ZIPPER System


  • Up to 600cm wide and 1000cm drop (200mm head box system)
  • Zip edged fabric as standard
  • Blackout Fabric
  • Screen fabric
  • Translucent fabric
  • Available with Somfy FTS (Fabric Tension system)


  • Beyond a 300cm drop, an FTS control system will need to be used (added cost and hardware)
  • It is recommended that a support shelf be installed with this system (see inset image)
  • Electric operation only

Tensioned Roller Style Roof Blinds



  • Slim guide wires and slim footprint
  • Single barrel mechanism provides increased installation benefits
  • Any angle, any direction
  • Up to 400cm width and 650cm drop
  • Triangular shapes achievable


  • Electric operation only
  • Lack of side channels allow light to pass at edges
  • Cannot be used as a total blackout blind
Error rendering template

This project was commission by an architect on behalf of a foreign royal client, for a home in London. The fixing position was approx 8mts high and was to cover a recently installed roof over what was once a courtyard.

Scaffolding was erected for both the survey and installation of the blinds.

What made this project particularly noteworthy was the client requirement for a special cloth which had to be flown in from Dubai. The cloth needed to be laminated to make it stiff.

In addition, the shaped of the blinds were note a standard rectangular shape, but instead triangular! 

Over Head Venetian Blinds

What are they?

It's non-retractable venetian style louvre blind system which has been designed specifically for roof applications, both internal and external, and is particularly suitable for horizontal, sloping or unusually shaped glazed areas, particularly conservatory type roofs. 


  • Aluminium sub frame for strength and stability
  • Fully adjustable louvres
  • Manual or electric operation
  • 25mm / 50mm / 80mm and 88mm wide louvres

Roof Window Blinds Solutions

It seems that in our never ending quest for bigger homes we are building extensions just about anywhere! More often than not, we choose to have a roof lantern to bring natural light in from the ceiling area.  Of course, this comes with the issue of trying to control the light when it's exceptionally bright or simply if one needs a blackout effect.

We have a range of Roof window blinds and Lantern Window Blinds to suit any requirement.