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In 2003, the company was bought outright by family member Gino Filippelli, and has been enjoying continued success since then. Over the years, the company has manufactured most of the blinds it has sold. This helped maintain healthy profits which kept the business safe during the nineties, and more recently, the 2008 recession. The company has firmly established itself as a serious and professional player in the blinds industry, ensuring the companies long and prosperous future. London Blind Company values have always been focused around customer service and low prices. This approach has been successful, and despite the recent high demand for blinds and awnings, the company still maintains it's low prices and good service, even though their competitors are cashing-in on the high prices that soft furnishings can acheive.


Our UK Vat registration number is GB 835 7143 22


London Blind Company is fully insured for Public and Product Liability for sums exceeding the minimum requirements of the law. Should you need to see our insurance details please get in contact


Our registration number is 5080103

You can check our company details with Companies House